Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Me and My Uncle Bubba!

Future so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Riding the lawn mower! He needed his shades here!

Twin Update

I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up. The babies look great. I had a brief ultrasound (sorry no pics). She only did it to see the heartbeat. She said that since I'm so early, she might be able to hear the heartbeats with a doppler, but she probably wouldn't be able to distinguish the two just yet, so she brought in a portable ultrasound, and Baby A's heartbeat was 152 and Baby B's was 150. My last ultrasound Baby A had a heartbeat of 146 and Baby B's was 143. So, everything looks good. I will also be seeing the high risk doctor, who will do all of my ultrasounds. They will measure the babies, and make sure they are growing at the proper rate. I'm waiting on Dr. Willett's nurse (she's my OB) to call me with my appointment. She also told me that we will schedule my C-Section for 3 weeks before my due date. So, sometime the week of Sept. 1. I have to have a C-Section, because I had one with Gavin and the odds of me delivering one child naturally are significantly low, so since I'm having twins, she said that she isn't going to let me try. But, that is all I have to update now. I have some pics of Gavin to post. I have to steal them from Andrea (shhhh) so as soon as she posts them to myspace I will post them here! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gavin's 6 Month Portraits!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Kristy!

We had a party at our house Saturday night for Kristy's b-day (Chad's sister). So, of course that means cousins Baylee and Payton were there to play with Gavin!
Here they are...he's looking at me like "Mom....these girls are playing with my stuff."
Poor Gavin can't even reach his toy...
But, that's ok...we still have the barn yard!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Times a Changin'!

Ok, so I've decided to change the URL to the blog one week from today. So it will be changing to www.davisbabies.blogspot.com on Thursday, February 21. If for some reason that URL isn't available it will remain what it is now until I find another one I like. So, if you have it book marked or anything, don't change it til you know for sure. Anyway, here are the Ultrasound pictures of the Twins, and I will be taking some pictures of Gavin to post soon! Maybe even a video!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Chillin Out

Gavin and Lainee
Kind of blurry...Gavin was playing with his Nascar Toy that he loves....I think he loves it because there is a mirror on it and he can look at himself! : )
Further away, but not too blurry....

Gavin and Logan

Eating his foot....

Gavin and Lainee again....

Just Gavin

Gavin and Jody...Lainee took the picture if you are wondering where the rest of Jody's face is! : )

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big Brother

No pictures to post today, due to lack of time. I just want to let everyone know that Gavin is going to be a BIG BROTHER! Chad and I found out yesterday that we are expecting twins, due Sept. 24. I also want to let everyone know that the URL will be changing in a few weeks to http://www.davisbabies.blogspot.com/ I am assuming that that is a free URL, if not I will think of another one. But, continue to use the current one, I will let you all know the day I am changing it in advance! Have a great day! Oh and Happy Fat Tuesday!