Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gavin's Weekend at Grammie and PopPop's and a Sneak Peek at Kami and Luke's Nursery!

Gavin and Madison playing with the blocks!
Zoey Nicole! My other little sweetheart! I never get to see her!
She's giving Gavin a bye kiss!
And playing peek-a-boo with Gavin's PopPop
Gavin and PopPop
Gavin, PopPop, and Madison

Just a little taste of the twins' room. I don't have much done though.
Crib Bedding...Winnie the Pooh!

I had an ultrasound done today. I don't have any pictures because the U/S tech was not very nice. I had to take Gavin with me and he has an ear infection and tonsilitis, so he wasn't happy to say the least. And the tech was annoyed by him I guess....well, I was annoyed by her. I did however get a little information. Luke weighs 4lbs 14oz and Kami weighs 4lbs 9oz. That's all they told me. The doctor said everything looks great and they are growing big!


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